Monday, March 9, 2009

One of my Favorite Movies, a MUST see.

Ostrov (The Island), NTSC version with English subtitles (2006) This movie is a MUST have. It is a spiritual retreat, great for lent. Some of you may know about the long silent movie called "Into Great Silence"... it is about 3 hours long and not much is said, that is why it is also a great spiritual retreat film, a meditation, a prayer. This movie is similar, but it is not silent. I laughed, had deep thinking moments, realizations, tears and then ended with... a good ending. (I loved it) I am buying several for family and friends. So while doing so I thought I should BLOG it and tell the world. Check it out. Winner of 5 Nika Awards (Russian Oscars) including Best Film. Somewhere in Northern Russia in a small Russian Orthodox monastery lives a very unusual man. His fellow-monks are confused by his bizarre conduct.

Those who visit the island believe that the man has the power to heal, exorcise demons and foretell the future. However, he considers himself unworthy because of a sin he committed in his youth. The film is a parable, combining the realities of Russian everyday life with monastic ritual and routine.

So check it out on-line. I have found it from $80 to $17, so in order to help you out... here are some hints. Search on Amazon, type in "Ostrov ntsc" or do a google search for something like "buy ostrov movie ntsc". NTSC is the format that a DVD needs to be to play in in the USA. Make sure if you speak English and live in the US or Canada that you buy one that is "NTSC" version and NOT a PAL version. Also look for one with SUBTITLES! Or else you'll be listening to Russian and miss the whole point. That's my advice. Check it out here as well: