Sunday, October 4, 2009

My crazy Feast of St. Francis

So today is the feast of St. Francis and my experiences as a "St. Francis" kinda-guy has just been off the map! I have been in Spain for 30 days approx. I have traveled to several cities and spoken at all sorts of events. Most recently I did a 7 hour marathon in which each hour was a different sent of approx 100 students from 12-19yrs old. But the kicker was this weekend where I hit 3 cities in two days, and my transportation and lodging was all provided by strangers. I'd have to write a book to really get across the in's and out's of it.. but it was incredible.
Many people know of St. Francis... or atleast hear his name is now part of mine (since 2001). Here are a few videos I think you should see... and search for others too.
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In case you have trouble seeing the videos, here are the links:
4. The call of Jesus in the life of St. Francis changed his life radically. He was considered a fool, crazy, and outcasted by many. But, his zeal for God in the face of ridicule, as well as the testimony of his life the history of men and women following his way of Christian devotion has made him a phenomenon across the world, throughout the ages and in spiritual fields of all kinds. St. Francis continues to be an example of loving God so much that poverty and leapers and ridicule where worth embracing...all for the Glory of God. May you learn more about St. Francis of Assisi and come to see him as so much more than a guy who pet dogs and frolicked thru the fields... he was a MAN... and radically in love with God, Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and the Virgin Mary (among other things)...
He is the my patron that I received from the hands of the Bishop during my Confirmation. May we all seek hero's and models in the Saints and strive to model ourselves after them. Use the media, google, youtube, and any other convenient way to learn more about the Saints and about the Jesus Christ...and his life giving gift, that is the Catholic Church.