Monday, October 12, 2009

Fatima, Oct 13th 2009 - Anniversary

I am writing from Fatima, Portugal. I have photos and info to share.
I just "happen" to be here and it falls on the Anniversary of the last apparition here and the famous miracle of the Sun. Cool! In being here I a reading about the apparitions and wanted to share some of the info.
For more info on the miracle, apparition the Wikipedia Article, just CLICK HERE: or copy and paste:átima
Also I have taken many photos while here... you can see them! CLICK HERE or just copy and paste:
It has been a wonderful experience being here and praying for so many intentions. The crowds just popped up all of a sudden and stayed packed from 5pm until 1:00am.
Portugal has been so beautiful... it's wild... never thought a country could be so beautiful. Another one for the top of my list! Seafood here rocks too!
God Bless You... Peace.