Friday, February 10, 2012

A No-Nonsense Valentine’s Guide For Single Catholic Men

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Is it me or has St. Valentine’s Day become all about spending money, the color red, flowers, chocolate, lingerie, sex and little teddy bears?

The marketing and commercialization of it all seems to imply that love is only about erotic passions and material romantic gestures.

For some of us it has become Single Awareness Day. Let’s start a singles’ revolution. We are created for love and if you want love, then may I suggest that we celebrate this day by becoming a genuine gift. Our creed and battle hymn: “Come to know Love, give Love and be Love.”

Let me elaborate a bit.

God is love. We are His sons and daughters, and here on earth we are laborers in His vineyard: His hands and feet. Draw close to Love: Christ, his mother, Mary and the Church.  As singles, we all too often dwell on heartache in the past or focus on the wreckage of a future that hasn’t happened.
Trust me. I know it all too well. We fret, worry and lose hope.  So I urge you to have courage! Nurture what you have; don’t dwell on what you don’t. The very next chapter of the book of your life may have a spouse in it. Are you ready? How are you preparing yourself?

This is the single most shocking question that changed my attitude and life as a Catholic single. I was told, “You can travel all around the world and change lives in every continent, but if you are not doing God’s will, you’re missing the bull’s eye. If you are called to be a husband, then do everything you can to be ready to get married. If you’re called to be a priest or brother, then how are you preparing yourself?”  Since then I have been living quite differently.

Heavy lifting

Here’s how.

Instead of posing as a model on a Hallmark Valentine’s Day card – yeah, it’s funny and worthy of an eye-roll, but true; it was about 10 years ago – I am now letting others model for me.

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