Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yoga..incompatible with Christianity?

This topic was recently brought to my attention and many have asked to hear more about the Christian understanding and view of YOGA, amongst other practices. Yoga is prevelant and popular, as well as socially acceptable. But when asked, "is Yoga compatible with Christianity?", there is an answer. The answer may not "jive with you" or "rub you the right way", but this BLOG is meant to portray the Christian and Catholic view and response.
  • What is yoga?
  • Why is it so popular in today's society?
  • Why is it finding disciples among our Catholic faithful?
  • Is it Catholic?
  • Is it just an exercise?
  • Is it right for the Catholic faithful to practice yoga?
The concept of alternative health treatments and the freedom of relating to people of other religions, have led some Catholic faithful into areas of individual exploration. Yoga is popular today, among Catholics and the general population.
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