Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My ROAD-JOURNAL - Week 1 Switzerland

Switzerland has been amazing. I have traveled alot, but never seen mountains like these in my LIFE! WOWW...mamma-mia! Holy Moses! (I just heard that one tonight and had to share it with you all). If anyone ever needs an idea for a awesome travel destination (retreat, vacation, honeymoon)... ENGELBERG just his the top of the list in my book. (Of course I also think Greece is great and hear that Lebanon rocks too. But seeing is believing (when is God gonna send me to Lebanon to see it??? who knows).
OK..back to the Angel Mountain (aka EngelBerg) Here is a photo of Engelberg on the left. This shot is taken on the way to a Benedictine Monastery where I was
Mountain views, good food, great faith communities like The Beatitudes as well as been to the Benedictine Monastery in Engleberg. The Benedictines also have a house in Idaho, USA and a website for the USA HOUSE. I have also gone to the tomb of the Patron Saint of Switzerland St. "Bruder Klaus" and who is very significant in European history. LEARN more at: http://www.bruderklaus.com. I have also had the fun of some radio interviews (Radio Gloria as well as Life Radio. I have also given talks at schools and great prayer groups like "Cellules Mariales D'Evangelisation" and also a great weekly prayer nights called ADORAY.
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