Monday, August 10, 2009

Speaking in Dallas Texas to Malankara Catholics

This summer I had the honor to speak at the National Malankara Catholic conference in Dallas Texas. It was very cool! I had never encountered Malankara Catholics before.
They are part of the Antiochian Rite ( I am part of the Latin Roman Rite). They are an Eastern Catholic Church in the Catholic Communion, in union with the Pope of Rome, historically linked to the Syrian Church. It is one of several groups of Saint Thomas Christians tracing their origin to St. Thomas the Apostle who is claimed to have come to India in A.D. 52 For more information CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE
The 2009 National Conference
The Theme was Leviticus 25:10: “This 50th year is sacred-it is a time of freedom and of celebration when everyone will receive back their original property, and slaves will return home to their families” The Vision was a marriage of East and West, Ancient and Modern The Goals were 1. a call to conversion 2. a call to communion and 3. a call to Christ
10 Reasons Why People were Encouraged to Attend
Ο Get a spiritual workout and receive blessings that last forever Ο For adults - re-connect with your Malankara roots Ο For youth – enter a real-world Facebook and build bonds with peers from Texas to Toronto, Manhattan to Michigan Ο Enjoy one-on-one encounters with our Bishops Ο Interact with national civic leaders Ο Hear the testimonies of famous American Catholic communicators Ο Have fun with comedy, cultural shows and the Malankara Jeopardy adventure Ο Re-discover the richess of our ancient liturgy. Ο Bask in the legendary frontier hospitality of Texas, home of oilmen and ranchers, Rangers and rodeos Ο Take home a treasure-trove of memories that your family will never forget
It was truly wonderful and full of Indian tradition, skits, games, great talks and memories. Thanks to all for a great event!